Autolite Spark Plugs: Who Makes Them and Why They’re Trusted

In 1911, a small company named Electric Autolite started making buggy lamps. It continued manufacturing buggy lamps till the 1930s, but later in 1935 when Royce G. Martin, the big boss of the Electric Autolite Company, decided to get serious about spark plugs.

Royce G. Martin set up a lab with smart people to create the very first Autolite Spark Plug. It’s a tiny but mighty gadget that makes your car’s engine run smoothly without any issue, and also manufacturing these spark plugs was the turning point of Autolite Spark Plugs.

In this article, I will discuss where the Autolite spark plugs are manufactured and what characteristics make these spark plugs famous among customers.

Read the article till the end to know everything about Autolite spark plugs and where these spark plugs are manufactured.

History Of Autolite Spark Plugs

History Of Autolite Spark Plugs

Autolite Spark Plugs is an American company of spark plugs and ignition components that was established in 1911 as Electric Autolite, a company that produced buggy lamps.

Later in 1935, under the leadership of Royce G. Martin, the company decided to enter into the spark plug industry and developed its first spark plug in 1936, at Fostria, Ohio plat. Since then, Autolite has expanded its product line to include starter motors, ignition systems, and wire and cable products.

Autolite was also involved in different mergers and acquisitions over the years. Such as being purchased by Ford in 1961, by Bendix in 1973, and by FRAM Group in 2014. Autolite has been the official spark plug of NASCAR since 2000 and has produced over 10 billion spark plugs as of 2007.

Note: NASCAR is a well-known American auto racing organization famous for stock car racing. It is globally recognized as a top-tier motorsports organization and stands as one of America’s major spectator sports.

Autolite Spark Plugs is famous for its innovation and quality, such as introducing the very first resistor spark plug in 1948, the power tip spark plug in 1956, the suppressor spark plug in 1976, the platinum spark plug in 1987, and the Xtreme Performance spark plugs 2005.

The Companies Behind Autolite Spark Plugs

Autolite Spark Plugs was acquired by Ford in 1961, but later both FRAM and Autolite came under the ownership of the Bendix Corporation. In 2011, the company became part of FRAM Group, along with FRAM and Prestone, after Honeywell sold its automotive Consumer Products Group.

Nowadays, the manufacturing of Autolite Spark Plugs is managed by FRAM Group. It is a company that offers oil, air, and fuel filters, as well as PCV valves and transmission modulators. FRAM Group sells their customer all around the world.

Where Are Autolite Spark Plugs Manufactured?

Where Are Autolite Spark Plugs Manufactured

The manufacturing location of Autolite Spark Plugs depends on the product line they are manufacturing and what type of market demands they want to fulfill. However, according to some sources, most of the manufacturing of Autolite Spark Plugs takes place in China.

Who Is The Owner Of Autolite Spark Plugs?

Autolite is not owned by a single person. It is owned by a company called FRAM Group, which acquired the brand from Honeywell in 2014. FRAM Group is also a subsidiary of the Rank Group. Rank Group is a New Zealand-based private investment company.

The Rank Group is owned by Graeme Hart, a billionaire businessman and the richest person in New Zealand. As Graeme Hart is the owner of The Rank Group, this also makes him the owner of Autolite Spark Plugs.

Are Autolite Spark Plugs Any Good?

Are Autolite Spark Plugs Any Good

Autolite is a company that manufactures different types of spark plugs including copper, platinum, double platinum, and iridium XP1. Some sources say that the average lifespan of an Autolite spark plug is around 50,000 miles.

The life of a spark plug also depends on its type. A simple copper core spark plug usually has a shorter life span than an iridium spark plug. The lifespan of a Spark plug also depends on your engine type, your driving style, and your vehicle condition.

NGK Spark Plugs, a Japanese company with a manufacturing plant in the US, is the main competitor for Autolite Spark Plugs in the US market.

Types Of Autolite Spark Plugs:

Types Of Autolite Spark Plugs

There are different types of spark plugs to choose from. Below I have mentioned some of the most common types of spark plugs:

Copper Spark Plugs: These are the simplest spark plugs with the shortest lifespan, having a copper core and nickel alloy electrodes.

Platinum Spark Plugs: These spark plugs are equipped with a platinum disc welded to the center electrode, making them last longer, and also boosting both the durability and performance.

Double Platinum Spark Plugs: It is equipped with two platinum electrodes and can provide a lifespan of more than a single platinum spark plug. These Spark plugs are best for High-performance engines.

Iridium Spark Plugs: These are the spark plugs with the longest lifespan and highest performance. It is equipped with an ultra-fine iridium center electrode. These spark plugs can provide the best performance for a longer period.

Estimated Yearly Revenue Of Autolite Spark Plugs:

Autolite Spark Plugs has an estimated annual revenue of 33.7 million US dollars. With a per-employee revenue of 330,000 US dollars, it is one of the world’s leading spark plug manufacturers in terms of revenue.


Note: Revenue per employee is a term used to measure how much money each employee is making for the company.

Warranty And Customer Support Of Autolite Spark Plugs

Warranty And Customer Support Of Autolite Spark Plugs

Autolite Spark Plugs warranty depends on the type of spark plug you are purchasing.

Autolite Iridium XP offers a lifetime warranty against plug failure, with a replacement or refund. Autolite Double Platinum Spark Plugs come with a 5-year warranty. Autolite platinum spark plugs come with a 4-year warranty, and Autolite Copper Spark plugs come with a warranty period of 2 years.

The warranty will not be applied to any improper installation, tampering, misuse, alteration, or racing, etc. Detailed warranty information on the Autolite Spark Plug is available on the official website of Autolite. You can also contact customer support of Autolite for further information.

Final Words

Autolite spark plugs are the best option for you if you are looking for high-quality and affordable spark plugs. With almost 90 years of experience in the spark plugs industry, Autolite is one of the world’s top manufacturers of spark plugs.

Autolite Spark Plugs has its headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois, United States. Their manufacturing location depends on the type of product they are manufacturing. However, some sources say that most of the Autolite Spark Plugs are manufactured in China.

The warranty period and conditions depend on the type of spark plug you are purchasing. Therefore, you must know everything about their warranty and the conditions in which the warranty applies to the product.

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