Who Makes Dyson Vacuums

Are you struggling with your vacuum cleaner? Do you think it is not strong enough to clean the carpets and floors properly? Most people are unhappy with their vacuum’s performance and are always looking for a better solution.

The problem is there are many vacuum cleaners, and most are expensive. But don’t worry. Dyson vacuums are here to help. They are famous for manufacturing high-quality and powerful vacuums and their reasonable prices.

Before purchasing a Dyson vacuum, it is important to know about its history, who makes Dyson vacuums, and where they are made. Read the article till the end to know everything about Dyson vacuums.

History Of Dyson Vacuums

Dyson Vacuums history

In 1978, Dyson felt frustrated with the performance of his vacuum cleaner. He found that the vacuum cleaner’s bag gets filled with dust quickly, reducing the vacuum’s suction power. He decided to design a better vacuum cleaner that would not rely on dust bags.

After working for almost five years, Dyson built 5,127 prototypes before finally perfecting his design. His new vacuum cleaner used a cyclone system to separate dust from the air. This system was better than a bag and allowed Dyson’s vacuum to maintain its suction power for longer.

Dyson’s new vacuum cleaner became famous in Japan and sold for $2,000 per piece. In 1991, Dyson founded the company Dyson Ltd. in Malmesbury, England. To manufacture and sell his vacuum cleaners in the UK. DC01 was the first product sold under the name of Dyson.

Dyson vacuum cleaner continued its production and changed a lot. The company also introduced new features and technologies, including HEPA filters, motorized heads, and cordless vacuums. Nowadays, Dyson vacuums are sold in over 65 countries worldwide.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Dyson Vacuums?

Dyson Limited is the manufacturer of Dyson vacuums. Dyson Ltd is a multinational company headquartered in Singapore. In 1991, the company was founded by James Dyson, an engineer who was frustrated with the performance of his traditional vacuum cleaner.

Dyson decided to develop a new type of vacuum cleaner that would be more effective, perform better, and be easier to use. After years of research and development, Dyson introduced the first bagless vacuum cleaner in 1993.

Over time, Dyson Limited also started manufacturing a variety of other household appliances, including air purifiers, hand dryers, bladeless fans, heaters, hair dryers, and lights. Dyson products are sold in over 65 countries around the world.

Where Are Dyson Vacuums Made?

Where Are Dyson Vacuums Made

Dyson manufactures its vacuum cleaners in Malaysia, and its digital motors are manufactured in Singapore. The Dyson headquarters are also in Singapore, as the company moved from its UK headquarters in 2022.

At first, Dyson vacuum cleaners were manufactured in the UK, but in 2002, the company moved all manufacturing facilities to Malaysia. They moved due to several factors, including the lower production cost in Malaysia and the availability of a skilled workforce.

Are Dyson Vacuums Good For Daily Use?

Dyson vacuums are considered good for daily use as they are powerful and versatile. Also, they come with various attachments that make them suitable for cleaning different surfaces. However, there are some drawbacks to consider.

Most of the Dyson vacuums are expensive, and only some are suitable for large homes. Also, some Dyson vacuums have small dirt compartments that must be emptied frequently. Below I have mentioned some of the pros and cons of Dyson vacuums.

Pros Of Dyson Vacuums:

  • Powerful suction
  • Versatile attachments
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight
  • Long Battery Life (For cordless vacuums)

Cons Of Dyson Vacuums:

  • Expensive
  • Small dirt compartments
  • It may not be suitable for large homes
  • Some vacuums require more maintenance than others

Overall, Dyson is a famous brand, and it can be a good option if you are looking for a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner. However, it is recommended to review the pros and cons and the customer reviews of Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Are Dyson vacuums Good

Top 5 Best Dyson Vacuums

Here are the top 5 best Dyson vacuums:

Dyson V11 Absolute:

It is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that comes with an intelligent suction feature, and also it has an LCD screen to monitor the performance of the vacuum.

Dyson V10 Animal:

It is a cordless vacuum cleaner specially designed for removing pet hair, and it is famous for its strong suction power and versatile cleaning capabilities.

Dyson Ball Animal 2:

This vacuum is famous for its exceptional suction power and maneuverability. It is designed for pet hair and tough messes.

Dyson V8 Absolute:

It is a versatile cordless vacuum famous for its strong suction power, various attachments, and detachable handheld mode.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead:

It is a lightweight cordless vacuum with deep cleaning on carpets, effective suction on hard floors, and a long battery time.

FAQs (Who Manufactures Dyson Vacuums)

Who makes Dyson vacuums?

Dyson Limited manufactures Dyson vacuums. It is a British technology company founded by James Dyson in 1991. Dyson company is currently headquartered in Singapore.

Where are Dyson vacuums made?

Dyson vacuums are manufactured in different countries worldwide, including the UK, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines.

What are the benefits of using Dyson vacuums?

Dyson vacuums are famous for their powerful suction power and long battery life. They are also quiet and easy to use as compared to other vacuums.

How much do Dyson vacuums cost?

Dyson vacuums can range from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars. The price of Dyson vacuums depends on the features of the vacuum and its model.


In conclusion, Dyson vacuums are made by Dyson Limited, a British Technology company founded in 1991 by James Dyson. Dyson vacuums are famous for their powerful suction power and are easy to use compared to other vacuum cleaners.

If you are looking for a high-quality vacuum cleaner for daily use, choosing Dyson can be a great option. It is a famous brand of vacuum cleaners, and they are also recommended by many people worldwide.

I hope you got the answer to who makes Dyson vacuums. If you still have any questions, you can ask in the comments section.

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