Who Makes Glacier Bay Faucets in 2023? All You Need to Know

Glacier Bay faucets are great economical and mid-range faucets that you can find on Home Depot, but you might be curious about who makes Glacier Bay faucets for Home Depot, where they are made, and whether they are a good brand for kitchen and bath products.

Well, the answer might surprise you, as Glacier Bay is Home Depot’s house brand and their product is manufactured by several international OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) from China, Israel, and Taiwan under one corporation, which is Globe Union Industrial Corporation.

So let’s find out more about Glacier Bay faucets. I have researched the brand in detail and found some interesting information about the glacier faucets. Let’s find out!

What Is The Glacier Bay Brand and Who Owns Them?

Home improvement stores such as Home Depot sell various brands of plumbing products. One of them is Glacier Bay Previously, Glacier Bay products were only available in Home Depot, but now they are also available in Walmart and Amazon.

Glacier Bay sells various items such as kitchen and bathroom products. Glacier Bay products are known for their affordable rates because they mainly manufacture economical and mid-range products.

The brand is owned by Home Depot, but its products are not manufactured in the USA and are sourced from different suppliers worldwide.

Where are Glacier Bay faucets and Sinks Manufactured for Home Depot

Where are Glacier Bay faucets and Sinks Manufactured

As we have discussed earlier, the manufacture of Home Depot Glacier Bay faucets is a group of different international suppliers in countries like Israel, China, and Taiwan, and they are under the umbrella of Globe Union Industrial Corporation.

This corporation is a large Chinese manufacturing company and they are in charge of supplying goods to North American retailers. But they do not only supply to the North American market, they also operate in Canada under the name Global Union Canada and in the US under the name Global Union USA.

The Globe Union Industrial Corporation has many holdings in different countries, the most notable ones are India, China, Taiwan, and India, where they make their products in their factories and supply to the American and Canadian markets to be stocked by Home Depot.

As Home Depot is the only home improvement store that sells Glacier Bay products, they have recently started selling them on some other retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

Are Glacier Bay Faucets Made In The USA?

Many consumers think that Glacier Bay is an American-made brand because it is an in-house brand of Home Depot, but this is not true.

They are only owned by Home Depot and the brand is American, but the products they have are produced in China and other countries under the umbrella of Globe Union Industrial Corporation.

But this does not mean that every brand you see in Home Depot is not made in America. They have some other alternatives to Glacier Bay faucets like American Standard, but they are more expensive compared to Glacier Bay.

Is Glacier Bay A Good Brand For Faucets At Home Depot?

Is Glacier Bay A Good Brand

Glacier Bay is known for its low prices and easy installation. The most likable feature of Glacier Bay faucets is their easy installation, according to the reviews on the Home Depot website and online retailers.

However, there are also complaints about the poor customer service of Home Depot and the lack of replacement parts for Glacier Bay. But still, it has a 4.5/5 on the Home Depot website and 6/10 on other online retailers, which is pretty good. The majority of customers are satisfied with the quality they are getting for the price.

But if you are searching for a good quality faucet from Glacier Bay, you can check out their Glacier Bay Invee Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet, which has a transitional design that complements a variety of décor, includes a drip-free ceramic disc cartridge, and is backed by Glacier Bay’s limited lifetime warranty.

However, if you are looking for a high-end innovative faucet, then you have to consider other brands such as Moen, Delta, and Kohler, as they are the best in high-end quality and durability. But they are more expensive, so you have to look at your budget.

Glacier Bay is not bad either. Builders and home renovators alike have relied on Glacier Bay as a brand for years, as they are affordable and have quality at the same time.

What Other Glacier Bay Products Are Sold By Home Depot?

Glacier Bay faucets are popular among consumers, but they have other products in their stock. Some of the Glacier Bay products that are available in Home Depot for kitchen and bathroom installations are given below.

Bathroom Hardware SetsKitchen Soap DispensersFaucet Cartridges
Bathroom Wall CabinetsKitchen Spray HosesPlumbing Supplies
Medicine CabinetsPot FiltersShower Heads
MirrorsShower Stalls
Over-The-Toilet Storage UnitsShower Doors
Toilet Paper HoldersSink Strainers
Toilet SeatsSinks and Basins
Towel Bars

Is Pegasus the same as Glacier Bay?

Is Glacier bay the same as Pegasus Bay

Glacier and Pegasus are the in-store brands of Home Depot and many consumers think of them as the same brand and also of the same quality. But Pegasus and Glacier Bay are different brands and have different qualities.

Glacier Bay is the mid-range and economical line, while Pegasus is more high-end and more expensive. But Glacier Bay has become more popular in recent years because of its quality and affordability.

Consumers are choosing it for their kitchen and washroom renovations. Also, the manufacturers they have are different. While Glacier Bay is manufactured by the Global Union, Pegasus is manufactured in Italy by Paini.

Do Glacier Bay Faucets have a Lifetime Warranty?

Do Glacier Bay Faucets have a Lifetime Warranty

Glacier Bay provides a limited lifetime warranty for residential customers and a five-year warranty for commercial customers.

The warranty covers the defects in material and workmanship and does not cover the defect caused by misuse Glacier Bay also offers a one-year warranty for their faucet sprayers.

To file a complaint, you can visit the Home Depot website protection plan page and there you can contact their support and file a complaint and claim.


If you are looking for an affordable and reliable brand for faucets, then you should consider the Glacier Bay from Home Depot. They have good quality faucets and affordable options to choose from.

They are an in-house brand of Home Depot, and they only sell through Home Depot, except for Walmart and Amazon, which are their recent retailers. They do not compromise on quality and they stand behind their in-house brand Glacier Bay. They offer a warranty of 1 year for their faucet sprayers and a limited lifetime warranty for residential customers.

Although they are an in-house brand of Home Depot, their products are manufactured internationally by the Globe Union Industrial Corporation, which is a Chinese corporation. Globe Union operates major manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Shan Dong, China.

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