Who Makes Kobalt Power Tools for Lowe’s

You might have heard about Kobalt Tools, a well-known power and hand tools brand. It manufactures various power tools, hand tools, and accessories.

But have you ever wondered who makes Kobalt hand and power tools? If so, then you are in the right place.

In this detailed article, I will share the history of Kobalt tools, their current owner, what company makes Kobalt tools, where Kobalt tools are made, and some interesting facts about them. Read this article till the end to know everything about Kobalt tools.

History of Kobalt Tools

History of Kobalt Tools

Kobalt Tools was first launched in 1998 by Lowe’s Companies lnc and its manufacturing partner J.H. Williams, a subsidiary of Snap-on as a private label to produce hardware and home improvement products. During its launch, Kobalt Tools offered a small range of products, including hand and mechanic tools.

The global industrial company Danaher Corporation replaced J.H. Williams in 2003 as the main producer of Kobalt hand tools.

In 2011 Lowe’s ended its arrangement with Danaher and switched to a different supplier for its mechanic’s hand tools, JS Products of Las Vegas, Nevada. Screwdrivers continued to be supplied by Great Neck, another tool manufacturer. The same year, the Kobalt line expanded to include cordless power tools, manufactured by Chevron, a Chinese company.

Kobalt has come a long way since its launch, and its commitment to innovation and quality has made it a more popular choice among customers.

Who Owns Kobalt Tools Now

Kobalt Tools was first launched in 1998 by Lowe’s Companies lnc. The same company still owns it. Lowe’s is a well-known American retail company that specializes in home improvement.

Currently, the entire range of products manufactured by Kobalt Tools is exclusively offered by Lowe’s, which shows the brand’s dedication to providing quality tools and accessories to customers.

What Company Makes Kobalt Tools

In 1998, Lowe’s introduced the Kobalt brand to produce power tools, hand tools, and other accessories. Since then, Kobalt Tools has remained under the ownership and production of Lowe’s Companies lnc.

But LOwe only owns the Kobalt brand the tools are manufactured by different companies internationally and domestically.

Where are Kobalt tools Made?

You might be wondering where Kobalt tools are manufactured. Kobalt is a brand owned by Lowe’s, and the tools are sourced from various manufacturers, both domestic and international. The best way to find out the country of origin of a specific Kobalt power or hand tool is by looking at its label.

Most of the Kobalt tools are made by international companies in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China, with only a small amount being made in the USA by several third-party manufacturers, such as JS Products, Chervon, and Great Neck.

Manufacturing of Kobalt Tools

To maintain the quality and consistency of their products, Kobalt Tools works with multiple manufacturers to produce their hand and power tools. 

Hand Tools:

kobalt hand tools

Kobalt hand tools, including wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers, are manufactured by different companies, such as Apex Tool Group, JS Products, and Great Neck Tools. Kobalt chooses these companies due to their long-standing reputation for producing high-quality tools.

Power Tools:

kobalt power tools

Kobalt power tools, such as drill machines, saws, and sanders, are manufactured by several companies, such as Chevron and Jinding Group. Chevron is a leading manufacturer of power tools, and they have been producing power tools for Kobalt since 2011.

Kobalt vs Other Tool Brands

Customers often compare Kobalt Tools to other well-known brands such as Craftsman, Stanley, and Dewalt. While every brand has its strengths and weaknesses, Kobalt Tools stands out from other tools due to their affordability, durability, and quality.

Also, Kobalt Tools are usually priced lower than similar tools from other brands, providing great value in return for their customer’s money.

Kobalt Tools do not sacrifice their quality for the price. Their tools are known for their durability and reliability.

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Interesting Facts about Kobalt Tools

Kobalt Tools is a well-known brand that produces a variety of high-quality tools for both professional and DIY use. Here I have mentioned some interesting facts about Kobalt Tools.

  1. Kobalt Tools is a brand owned by Lowe’s Companies lnc. Lowe’s is a well-known retailer of home improvement and appliances. Lowe’s was founded in 1946.
  2. In 1998, Kobalt Tools was launched as a house brand of Lowe’s. Kobalt Tools was created to provide customers with high-quality and affordable tools.
  3. Kobalt Tools produces various products, such as hand tools, power tools, outdoor power equipment, and tool storage solutions.
  4. Kobalt Tools has a wide range of products, such as air compressors, drills, saws, wrenches, etc.
  5. Kobalt Tools is offering a lifetime warranty for its hand tools. This means that if a Kobalt hand tool fails to perform properly due to any defects in material or workmanship, it will be replaced free of charge.

Kobalt Tools strongly focuses on innovation and quality, and its products have won many awards. Considering Kobalt Tools can be a good decision if you are in the market for tools.

FAQs (Who Makes Kobalt Power Tools)

Some most commonly asked questions regarding Kobalt tools.

Does Kobalt have their own website?

Yes, the Kobalt tool has its own website which you can visit here and claim your warranty or ask their support about any problem you have with your Kobalt product.

Are Kobalt Tools Made in the USA?

Some Kobalt hand Tools are made in the USA, while mostly they are outsourced from other countries such as China or Taiwan. You can check the product information of a specific product to see where it has been made.

Are Kobalt Tools good quality?

Kobalt Tools are well known for their quality and durability. They are manufactured by trusted companies, and also Kobalt Tools come with a lifetime warranty.

What is the Kobalt hand tool warranty?

Kobalt Tools come with a lifetime warranty. If a tool fails due to any issue in the material or build, Kobalt will replace the tool with a new one free of charge.

Can I return the Kobalt tool if I’m not satisfied with it?

Lowe’s has a satisfaction guarantee policy, and if any of its customers are not satisfied with Kobalt Tools, they can return it for a full refund or exchange it for a different tool of their choice.


In conclusion, while Lowe’s owns the Kobalt brand, they outsource the production of their tools to the company Chevron, which manufactures them in locations such as Taiwan and China. Despite this, Kobalt’s popularity among customers remains strong, thanks to its extensive range of tools and competitive pricing.

The Kobalt tools may not be as powerful as some other brands in the US market but it is still capable of handling most of your DIY and home improvement projects.

And with their American-made hand tools, daily tasks can become a breeze. Overall, Kobalt tools offer high-quality features at an affordable price, making them a top-selling brand in the US.

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