Sceptre TVs: Who Makes Them and Are They Worth Buying?

Sceptre is a TV brand that you may have seen in the market, but do you know who makes Sceptre TVs? Unlike most TV brands, Sceptre does not make its TVs but instead works with a Chinese company that produces them.

So, who is this Chinese company and where are Sceptre TVs made? Read this article till the end to learn all about Sceptre TVs and their origin.

History Of Sceptre TVs

history of sceptre tvs

Sceptre is an American consumer electronics company and its headquarters are located at 16800 Gale Ave, City of Industry, California, 91745, United States. While their manufacturing takes place in China. They manufacture many electronic products but are famous for their affordable LED, LCD, and 4K displays.

In contrast, Sceptre also offers audio products, car cams, and car batteries. They also produced CRT TVs, notebook PCs, touch screens, and other devices like WiFi, USB flash drives, and cameras.

Initially, when the Sceptre company started in 1984, it only focused on manufacturing and selling computer monitors. During this period, one of the most important partners of Sceptre was Hartco, a leading electronics distributor in the Canadian market.

Sceptre adopted the Komodo dragon as their mascot and named it Brutus, representing the company’s focus on computer monitors. They also donate significantly from their earnings to the Zoological Society of San Diego.

In 1993, Sceptre started developing LCD displays and later shifted its focus to manufacturing and wholesaling LCD TVs. These TVs are often equipped with a QAM tuner, and their LCD monitors can serve both as a TV and a computer monitor.

Below I have shared a timeline table of the advancements of Sceptre consumer electronics:

1984Monochrome/Color Display for Personal Computers (PCs)
1993LCD Display for the Electronics Industry
2000LCD TV for Consumer Electronics (CE) Industry
2006LCD Display for Digital Signage
2009LED Display for Television/Monitor
2010Intelligent Tool-less TV Desk/Stand
2011LED Display for 3D High-Definition Television (HDTV)
2012LED Display for 3D HDTV with Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)
2013LED Large Screen HDTV with Touch Screen Panel
20144K Ultra High Definition TV
20154K UHD with Touch Screen Panel

Who Manufactures Sceptre TVs

The Sceptre TVs are manufactured by China New Technology Co. Ltd., located in China. Also, the company is registered in the United States, and its headquarters is located in California. The materials used to manufacture Sceptre TVs are sourced from Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) companies.

Where Are Sceptre TVs Manufactured

Who Makes Sceptre TVs

Sceptre TVs are manufactured in China by China New Technology Co. Ltd. The company produces branded TVs for different markets under different names, such as Sceptre for the United States, Curtis for Canada, and Tempo for Australia.

Who Owns Sceptre TV Brand

Sceptre TVs are owned by Sceptre Consumer Electronics, a company based in China. It is a registered company in the United States, headquartered in California. However the company is owned by Sceptre Consumer Electronics, but its manufacturing is handled by a different company.

Is Sceptre A Good TV Brand

Sceptre is a good TV brand, but it completely depends on your personal preferences. If you are looking for an affordable TV with great value, Sceptre is the best choice. However, if you are looking for a TV with an exceptional contrast ratio and stunning smart capabilities, I suggest you explore other famous TV brands instead of Sceptre.

Is Sceptre A Cheap TV Brand

Sceptre TVs are famous for their incredibly affordable prices. With a budget of around $250, you can easily buy one of their latest smart TVs running on Google’s Android TV, with access to streaming services like Netflix. Also, If you can spend up to $300 or more, you can get a 50-inch 4K UHD Sceptre TV.

It is important to remember that Sceptre TVs generally use LED panels, so don’t expect the picture quality to be the same as expensive OLED and QLED TVs from brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung. If performance is your priority, I recommend considering an expensive, big-name brand instead.

Sceptre TV Comparison To Other TV Brands

Sceptre TVs vs other brands

This table will help you compare Sceptre and other high-end brands.

FeatureSceptre TVsSamsung TVsSony TVsLG TVs
Price RangeLow budget, incredible pricesWide range, from mid-range to high-endWide range, from mid-range to high-endMid-range to high-end options
Smart FeaturesGoogle’s Android TV, built-in streaming services like NetflixAdvanced smart capabilities, voice control, smart home integrationAdvanced smart platform, wide app selectionWebOS smart platform, extensive app selection
Display TechnologyLED panelsVarious options, including OLED and QLEDVarious options, including OLED and LCDVarious options, including OLED and LCD
Picture QualityGood quality for the priceSuperior picture quality and performanceSuperior picture quality and color accuracySuperior picture quality and color accuracy
Range Of ModelsLimited selection of modelsWide variety of models and sizesWide variety of models and sizesWide variety of models and sizes
Unique FeaturesBudget-friendly optionsPremium features and cutting-edge technologyPremium build and design, high-end processingHigh-end processing, AI technology
Target AudienceBudget-conscious buyersCustomers looking for high-quality and advanced featuresCustomers seeking top-notch quality and performanceCustomers seeking high-quality performance
Brand ReputationKnown for affordabilityKnown for premium quality and innovationKnown for high-end quality and reliabilityKnown for reliability and innovation

It is important to remember that all the information mentioned in the table is based on the general characteristics of each brand and may not apply to every model they provide. It is recommended to check the features and specifications of every TV model before buying it.

Best Sceptre TV Models In The Market

Komodo 40-inch LED HDTV

Komodo HDTV is famous for its affordable price. It is a 40-inch TV with a black metal colour and an LED display. It is not a smart TV, but you can still cast content from your mobile or tablet using High-Definition Link.

It also has a USB port for music and photo streaming, and its built-in speakers with DTS SRS TruSurround HD provide good sound quality. This TV also has three HDMI ports for connecting streaming devices, DVD players, or gaming consoles.

Sceptre 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV

If you want a 4K TV, Sceptre 4K Ultra HD TV is the best choice. It has a 55-inch screen with a sleek design. Although it costs more than other Sceptre models, it’s still cheaper than Samsung or LG 4K TVs.

With a 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD resolution, it has four times more pixels than a regular Full HD, making it a great choice for gaming and sports with its 120 Hz refresh rate. This TV has four HDMI ports, including one for 4K streaming.

You can also use Mobile High-Definition Link to stream videos from your phone or tablet. Also, there is a USB port for viewing photos and listening to music. If you are short of space and facing an issue with space, you can also mount this TV on the wall.

Sceptre 65″ 4K Ultra HD

Sceptre also offers big TVs, like the 65” 4K HD TV. Its main feature is its 3840 x 2160 resolution with UHD Upscaling. The LED display of this TV looks great in any lighting. Action scenes appear smooth on this TV with Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation 120.

It also supports HDMI 2.0 and USB 2.0 for high-quality video streaming. Also, you can cast from your mobile using Mobile High-Definition Link. The TV remote can control connected devices with Consumer Electronics Control.

FAQS (Who Is The Manufacture Of Sceptre TVs)

Who Makes Sceptre TVs

Sceptre TVs are made by Sceptre, a prominent American consumer electronics company headquartered in City of Industry, California, United States. While their administrative hub resides in the US, the core of their manufacturing activities takes place in China. Sceptre excels in producing budget-friendly LED, LCD, and 4K displays.

Where are Sceptre TVs manufactured?

Sceptre TVs are manufactured in China and shipped to different countries worldwide.

Is Sceptre a good brand?

Sceptre is a good brand and offers very good TVs. However, it completely depends on your personal preferences. If you are looking for an affordable TV with limited features, Sceptre is the best choice. But if you want a better contrast ratio and smart features, you can search the market for other high-end brands.

What sizes do Sceptre TVs come in?

Sceptre TV sizes start from 24 inches and go all the way to 60-inch screen TVs.

Is Sceptre a Walmart brand?

No, Sceptre TVs are not owned by Walmart. Sceptre just sell their TV at Walmart.


In conclusion, Sceptre TVs are manufactured in China by China New Technology Co. Ltd. Sceptre also sources some of its components from ODM companies. In the beginning, Sceptre focused on producing computer screens, and later the company expanded to produce LCD TVs, even offering 4K options.

You can purchase Sceptre TVs from different online markets, including Walmart and Amazon. Sceptre is a well-known brand for providing top-notch TVs at very affordable prices.

I hope this article has provided you with all the information about Sceptre TVs, Including the manufacturer of Sceptre TVs and where they are manufactured. If you still have questions, please ask in the comments section.

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