Who Manufactures Forno Appliances?

Forno is a kitchen appliance brand that mainly manufactures Italian-style kitchen appliances. You may be wondering who makes appliances for Forno and where they are manufactured. Well, the answer is:

Forno is a subsidiary of CTM Group, a Canadian company based in Montreal. It offers European-style appliances that are manufactured in China.

But what sets them apart and why are they growing and getting popular in the USA and Canada? Are they really good kitchen appliances? I will explain all this, so let’s get started.

Who Owns Forno Appliances?

Forno is an appliance brand owned by the Canadian corporation CTM Group, which is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

CTM Group was established in 1996 in Montreal, Canada. The group has four divisions: giftware, lighting, hardware, and appliances. Forno belongs to the appliances division.

The CTM Group also has a presence in several other locations, such as Hong Kong, a North American branch office in Toronto, Canada, and an Asia Region branch office in Xiamen, China.

Where are Forno Appliances Made?

Where are Forno Appliances Made

Forno is a Canadian Brand, but the manufacturing of their appliances is done in China. Forno uses the Italian design for their appliances, their brand name also means oven in the Italian language.

Forno uses European processes, fabrication methods, and quality standards for its products to ensure that the final products meet the North American quality standards.

Is Forno a Good Brand?

Is Forno a Good Brand

Forno is on a mission to provide quality products with affordable prices and focus on reliability and luxury Italian design for the North American market consumers.

The appliance market in North America is already competitive with luxury and big conglomerate brands such as Thermador which is an American brand, Kenmore, Wolf, and Viking.

These brands are good but they are quite expensive, so if you are on a tight budget, Forno is a good brand to choose as they are affordable and reliable and getting popular among consumers across the USA and Canada especially since their ranges are known for even heat distribution and precise temperature control.

Forno Appliances offers a full suite of kitchen appliances which include dishwashers, cooktops, microwaves, wine coolers, and wall ovens.

Forno receives praise for its quality products on Amazon. One of their refrigerators has a 4.2/5 rating and customers have written very positive reviews about the appliances. One customer wrote:

“European style fridge; I am European, and for my taste, this fridge is spacious enough to keep food for a family of four over a week, and it is small enough to avoid ‘forgetting’ about food and leftovers that you do not see and consequently throw away because it goes uneaten. I like the aesthetic, linear and elegant, very modern, perfect combination with my stove and other appliances. It works very well so far, no complaints. Customer service is excellent.”

On another online e-commerce site, Premium Home Source, customer ratings average 4.8 for Forno appliances, which reflects Forno’s high standing in the appliance market.

The corporation that owns Forno also has a very tough quality assurance policy and they have QA and QC teams to do quality assurance and quality control for each order from China.

They also make sure the products they manufacture are compatible with various quality standards and certifications, such as Bureau Veritas (BV), Consumer Testing Laboratories (CTL), Intertek (ITS), SGS, CSA, and UL.

So based on so much praise and good quality standards that Forno maintains, and with such an affordable price and a modern and Italian design, Forno is a good appliance brand you can consider for your kitchen needs.

Forno Warranty and Customer Support

Forno Warranty and Customer Support

Forno provides a 2-year warranty on their appliances to ensure customer satisfaction. You can also extend the warranty with some extra money.

The first year of the warranty will cover any parts defects and the labor cost. The second year will only cover the appliance parts warranty.

For warranty claims, you can contact their customer support on this number: 1-866-231-8893 #1. Or, for fast support, you can fill out the Forno support form here.

Final Say

Forno brand appliances are a great choice for you if you are looking for reliable and quality appliances for your kitchen. They are affordable and stylish, as they design their appliances in Italian style.

Forno also provides a 2-year warranty, which you can extend for your peace of mind they have a good customer support team which you can contact 24/7

Whether you are a novice cook or an experienced chef, if you are looking to elevate your kitchen with new appliances, then Forno is a good brand to consider along with other household names such as Thermador, Kenmore, and Whirlpool.

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