Who Makes Amico Welders? A US Company or a Chinese One?

If you are looking for information about who makes Amico welders, who owns them, whether they are an American company, and how good their products are, then you are at the right place. 

Amico welders are owned by Amiro Power Corp, a US company based in California, but they outsource their products from OEM (original equipment manufacturer) companies such as Taizhou Changda Welding Machine Man and Youli Electric And Machine from China. 

So let’s find out more about Amico welders.

Who Owned Amico Power Corp?

Amico Welders is owned by Amico Power Corp, a US company headquartered in Baldwin Park, California. Amico Power Corp was founded in 1995 with a mission to provide the best products and services to its customers at the lowest prices possible.

With 28 years of experience in making welders and power tools, Amico Power Corps specializes in designing, manufacturing, and offering a large collection of welders for their specific needs of welding and cutting machines. They also make water pumps and portable generators.

Where are Amico Welders Manufactured?

Where are Amico Welders Manufactured

Amico is a United States-based company, but their products are outsourced from different OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in China. Some of the companies that manufactured amico inventory recently are:

  • Taizhou Changda Welding Machine Man
  • Youli Electric And Machine
  • Zhejiang Xingyi Ventilator Electric
  • Taizhou Feida Machine Tool
  • Changda Welding Machine

Is Amico a Good Brand for Welders?

Is Amico a Good Brand for Welders

Amico welders have been in the US market for quite some time and many professionals and DIYers are trusting the brand for their work.

The company is giving a good quality-to-price ratio because they are affordable as compared to their other rivals in the market.

This is because of the company’s aim and dedication to providing affordable yet effective and durable products to its consumers.

The company website states that they believe in business with integrity and they prove it with their quality products. Before, Amico had very few products in their lineup, but now they have a large collection for the consumers to choose from for different needs of welding.

They have a variety of welders for different purposes such as TIG, MIG, Stick, and plasma cutting. Their welders are affordable, powerful, and easy to use and have features like dual voltage, IGBT inverter technology, and arc stability.

Moreover, they provide a one-year warranty and have an excellent customer team to answer your queries help you in getting your warranty claim, and also guide you about their products.

Amico welders are also environmentally friendly. They have low noise, consume low energy, and have low emission which makes them suitable for indoor usage as well.

The most notable one which has a 4.6 /5 rating on Amazon is the Amico ARC-200. It is a professional stick arc and lift-TIG combo welding machine that can weld thin stainless steel and other metals with ease.

It also has an automatic selection feature that detects the input voltage and adjusts the arc force settings accordingly. It also incorporates advanced IGBT inverter technology that ensures excellent arc stability and durability.

The Amico ARC-200 has a built-in hot start function, anti-stick function, thrust adjustment function, current-intensity control function, and automatic compensation for voltage fluctuations.

It also has over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-load protection.

Where to Buy Amico Welders?

Amico welders are available online and in-store from various retailers and distributors. Some of the places where you can buy Amico welders are:

Amico Electric: This is the official website of Amico Power, where you can find all the products and information about the company. You can order Amico welders directly from the website and get free shipping and a one-year warranty. You can also contact the customer service and support team for any questions or issues.

Amazon: On Amazon Amico welders and other products are also available.

Home Depot: Amico welders and products can be found in Home Depot stores and also you can order online from the Home Depot website.

Lowe’s: They are also available in Lowe’s stores

Amico Customer Service and Warranty

Amico Customer Service and Warranty

Amico provides their customers with one year of warranty and also if you buy products from the Amico website they provide free shipping on orders over $99.

The warranty policies for Amico you can check on their Amico warranty page. They have an amazing customer support team which you can contact at 1-888-623-5998.


Amico Welders are known for their affordable price and durability and their popularity in the US market speaks for itself. They have been in the business for 28 years and have a lot of experience in making quality products for the US market.

Their welders produce less spatter and also consume low power and have low emission, which makes them a great choice for indoor usage.

So, if you are planning to buy one or just want to read more about the brand, you should not be skeptical about the Amico brand now, as their commitment and integrity in business can be seen by constantly providing durable and affordable products for the US market.

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