Who Makes Klutch Welders for Northern Tool?

If you are looking for information about who makes Klutch welders for Northern tool and where they are made, then you are in the right place.

Klutch Welders is a private label brand owned by Northern Tool + Equipment, a US company based in Minnesota. However, they are manufactured by different OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in China.

So, let’s find out more about Klutch’s brand and whether Klutch is a good brand, how well their customer support is, and their overall brand reputation, as they have been in the US market for so long.

Who Makes Klutch Welders and Tools for Northeren Tool?

northren tools + equipment headquarter

Klutch Welders and Tools is a privately labeled brand owned by a family-owned company, Northern Tool + Equipment, headquartered in Burnsville, Minnesota, USA.

Northern Tool + Equipment, as a parent company, is responsible for designing, manufacturing, and providing after-sales support for Klutch products.

Northern Tool + Equipment has over 120 store locations in the US in more than 20 states, with over 100,000 tools on their website. They also sell tools from other brands on their website.

The foundation of Northern Tool + Equipment has a very inspirational story behind it. Because of their struggle and dedication, they now have a very good reputation in the US for their welders and other products they sell.

Northern Tool + Equipment is not only doing business for the sake of it. They have very good motives and inspiration. So let’s learn about their history and what their motives are.

History of Klutch Welders Owner Northern Tool + Equipment

history of northren tools + equipment

Northern Tool’s history dates back to 1980 when Don Kotula, the founder, started Northern Hydraulics in his city Eagan garage.

Before that, he worked in his family business, Kotula Iron & Metal, on the iron range of Northern Minnesota.

Don was hardworking and a genius from an early age and became the top salesman of his family company in his teenage years.

After graduating with a degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Minnesota, Don started working on his own company and 42 years later, that company became Northern Tools + Equipment.

The company now has 120 stores across the US and has 100,000 products listed on its website. It also has a three-distribution center and warehouses in Savage, MN, Fort Mill, SC, and Arlington, TX.

In 2021, they also opened an extension of their headquarters in Hyderabad, India to further deepen their international market grip and to strengthen the business with more capabilities.

Now the company is run by Don Kotula’s sons, Wade and Ryan, and the CEO is Suresh Krishnam, who is in charge of making the policies for the company for the next 40 years to come.

Northern Tools has contributed to society in various ways. In 1989, when the Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred in Alaska, they drove trucks having generators and hot water pressure washers to clean the oil spill.

Also in 2017, they quickly delivered generators to the sites of Hurricane Irma in Florida, Maria in Puerto Rico, and Harvey in Texas.

Their plans for the next 40 years are to expand their presence in the US and have more stores so that customers have hands-on experience when buying and also to make the delivery of products fast so that if someone needs anything, they can get it quickly.

This is a great goal if you look from the customer’s point of view, as sometimes we need something really quick for our DIY projects and downtime can affect our overall project.

They have good core values in the company which enhance the internal working environment and have 6 core values which are: Know Your Customer; Provide Value; Act With Integrity; Empower The Individual; Be Entrepreneurial; Have Fun.

Because of this, the company has won the Minnesota Top Workplaces award consecutively for 5 years.

Currently, Northern Tools + Equipment owns these brands

  1. NorthStar
  2. Powerhouse
  3. Klutch
  4. Strongway
  5. Ultra-Tow
  6. NorTrac
  7. Gravel Gear
  8. Roughneck
  9. Bannon
  10. Ironton
  11. Northern Industrial Tools
  12. Northern Tool

Where are Klutch Welders Made?

Where are Klutch Welders Made

Klutch Welders is an in-house brand of Northern Tools + Equipment, but most of them are manufactured in China by different OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Some of the Klutch tools may be manufactured in the KBar manufacturing location of Northern Tools because Northern Tools not only designs their tools but also manufactures their tools in their manufacturing locations in the US.

However, as they have a large catalog of tools and equipment, they outsource their production to different OEMs in China.

But this does not mean that their welders or any other equipment are of low quality. As written on the company website’s about us page, their motive is “Quality Tools for Serious Work”, which portrays their commitment to providing quality products to their customers.

Moreover, Klutch welders are made with advanced technology, such as inverter, PFC (Power Factor Correction), and IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), which ensure high performance, efficiency, and durability.

Klutch welders are also tested and certified by various organizations, such as UL, CSA, CE, and RoHS.

Are Klutch Tools and Welders any Good?

Are Klutch Tools and Welders any Good

Klutch’s parent company, Northern Tools + Equipment, has been in the business for 42 years and they also have a 40-year vision of providing customers with affordable and reliable products and expanding their stores in the US to give the customers hands-on experience with their products.

This confidence portrays the company’s seriousness and commitment to making its products and overall brand stand out.

Although Klutch is not a high-end brand of welders like Lincoln, Hobart, and Miller, they still have the best welders at affordable prices, such as Klutch ST201iDV, which is a dual voltage DC Arc welder with TIG function.

The dual voltage feature gives you more flexibility in power and the TIG function gives you more quality and consistency in your welding needs.

It is also lightweight and has a compact design, so you can carry it easily. It has a PFC feature, which improves its performance and durability.

The arc is very clean on Klutch ST201iDV and it has a simple panel from which you can control many settings of the welder.

I have researched the Klutch ST201iDV and the overall brand and found very positive reviews about the brand on Amazon and their official website.

Some positive reviews are:

“I welded pipe for 28 years on power plants and refineries. I’m retired now but wanted a multi-purpose welder for home use, and this one is perfect.”

But they also have some negative reviews, which is common for high-end welders and brands.

Some negative reviews about the Klutch welders are:

“The welder will not gas tungsten weld without the foot pedal installed on the first 2 welders. Going to see if the 3rd one is the winner.”

“This is almost perfect. The only thing wrong is that it only has a foot pedal controller for the TIG function. Needs a hand controller.”

Where to Buy Klutch Welders?

You can buy Klutch tools on Amazon or their official website northern tool, online, and also on Walmart. They also have 120 stores across the US, which you can locate by going to their website homepage and clicking on the locate page.

You can also search on your Google map for Northern Tools and see if it’s near you. You can get a hands-on experience with their tools if you visit their stores. If not, you can either order from Amazon or their official website.

Klutch Tool Customer Service and Warranty

Klutch Tool Customer Service and Warranty

Northern Tools + Equipment provides a 3-year warranty for most of their products and they have the best customer service, which you can call at tel:+1-800-222-5381. You can also chat with them live on their website about your queries.


Klutch Welders is a good affordable brand if you are on a budget. Its parent company, Northern Tools + Equipment, has 42 years of experience in the business in the US market.

You will get a quality and reliable product, although their products are mostly manufactured in China by different OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). But they still maintain their quality and do not compromise on it.

The Klutch welder has a warranty of 3 years and the best customer support team having 120 store locations across the US and a website that provides information about the products and offers a lot of other benefits and resources for customers so it’s a good choice for your welding needs in affordable price.

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