Who Makes Insignia TVs

Insignia is considered a new brand in the TV market that’s great for people looking for an affordable price with all the basic features. Nowadays, there are many new TV brands in the market, and to trust the brand, it is essential to know the companies behind them.

I researched the Insignia brand and their TVs so I can provide you with all the information you need before making a purchase. And after reading this article, you will feel confident purchasing an Insignia TV because you will know all about the brand and its TVs.

Read the article until the end to know everything about Insignia TVs, including the brand’s history and who makes Insignia TVs nowadays. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide whether it’s worth buying an Insignia TV or not.

History Of Insignia TVs

Insignia is a famous electronics brand that is currently owned by Best Buy Co. Inc, an American multinational consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. Insignia was originally founded back in 1986, but later in 2009, Best Buy acquired it.

Since acquiring the brands, Best Buy has made significant efforts to develop and expand the presence of Insignia in the electronics market. Over the years, Insignia became famous and earned a reputation as one of the recognizable brands in the electronics industry.

The main reason for gaining popularity is the brand’s commitment to offering high-quality products at affordable prices, making it one of the most favored choices for customers worldwide looking for a budget TV.

Who Makes Insignia TVs?

According to many professionals, the company behind Insignia TVs, especially their high-end models, is a Chinese company called Hisense. This Chinese company manufactures all the high-end TVs, including those with Amazon Fire TV features for Insignia.

Other Chinese companies also manufacture the more affordable Insignia TVs, which may not be as good in quality as the ones manufactured by Hisense.

Also, some articles claim that the same Chinese company that supplies electronics for Samsung also manufactures Insignia TVs. It is because they use a similar way of naming their model numbers.

Also, the memory modules used in Insignia electronics are the same as the ones used in Samsung. Due to these factors, most people believe the same Chinese company manufactures electronics for Insignia and Samsung. However, it is not confirmed by Best Buy Yet.

Who Owns Insignia TVs?

who own insignia tvs

Insignia Electronics is owned and operated by Best Buy, an American electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. Best Buy is not only known for its TVs, but it also offers a wide range of products, including refrigerators, gaming devices, cameras, tablets, accessories, and more.

Best Buy is an international company with branches in Canada and Mexico as well, allowing the company to offer products to customers beyond the United States.

Where Are Insignia TVs Made?

Where Are Insignia TVs Manufactured

Best Buy is a multinational electronics company that operates in the US, Canada, and Mexico. They do not manufacture any of their TV. Instead, they source components from different manufacturers of electronics around the world.

The components sourced from other manufacturers worldwide are then assembled in Asia, mostly in China and Vietnam. However, the exact location where the manufacturing of Insignia TVs takes place is not publicly disclosed or known yet.

Are Insignia TVs Any Good?

Insignia TVs are a good option and offer good quality for an affordable price. But they are not the best TVs in the market, especially when compared to high-end and expensive models with better specifications and features.

The display quality of Insignia TVs, like the contrast ratios and 4K imaging, are not as impressive as more expensive TVs in the market. But if you are looking for a TV that provides good performance and all the basic features at an affordable price. In that case, Insignia is a good option for you to consider, especially the 4K UHD models using Fire TV.

It is important to keep in mind that Insignia TVs do not offer all the premium features of higher-end and expensive TVs.

How Long Do Insignia TVs Last?

According to many users, an Insignia TV can last up to seven years, even with heavy use. However, it completely depends on the usage of the TV. If you use it frequently, leaving it on all day without any breaks, it is likely to last less than seven years.

One important thing to do is to let the TV screen cool down by turning it off at least twice a day. By doing this, your TV will stay in good shape, and it will last longer, giving you more years of enjoyment.

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Why Are Insignia TVs So Cheap?

Insignia TVs are so cheap compared to other brands because they are manufactured in countries like China and Vietnam, where labor costs are lower. This reduces the production expenses of their TVs, allowing them to offer their TVs at lower and more affordable prices.

How Long Is The Warranty Of Insignia TVs?

Warranty Of Insignia TVs

Insignia TVs come with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase, but this only applies if you have bought the TV brand new. Also, the warranty covers any issues caused by manufacturing faults or any other issues caused during the manufacturing process.

However, this warranty does not cover accidental damage, cosmetic damage, power surges, lightning strikes, or damage caused due to misuse or neglect. If you find any problem within the first year, you can return your TV to Best Buy, and they will send it for repair.

Pros And Cons Of Insignia TVs

Below is a table explaining the pros and cons of Insignia TVs. This will help you decide whether it’s worth buying an Insignia TV or not.

Affordable pricesDisplay quality may be lower than high-end TVs
Decent performance for their priceLimited availability of high-end features
Wide range of screen sizes and resolutionsIt is not the best option for high-end gaming
Suitable for casual viewing and streamingDurability is lower compared to high-end TVs
Available with built-in Fire TVLimited brand reputation compared to top brands

What Sets Insignia TVs Apart from Other Brands

Insignia TVs stand out from other brands due to the following reasons:


Insignia offers their TVs at lower prices than similar models from other brands, making Insignia a popular choice for low-budget customers.


The affordable prices of Insignia TVs do not affect their quality. These TVs are manufactured with high-quality components and go through tests to ensure durability and performance.

Exclusive Retailer:

As Insignia is Best Buy’s exclusive brand, Insignia TVs takes advantage of the retailer’s strong marketing and also from customer support resources.

Best Insignia TVs To Check Out

Here are three top-of-the-list models from Insignia TVs you must check out:

1: Insignia NS-43F301NA22 TV

This TV has many great features, making it the best choice for people with tight budgets. Also, setting this TV is very simple, and you can start watching over 1 million TV shows, movies, and much more right after setting this TV.

Here is a customer review of Insignia NS-43F301NA22 TV from The Lopez Family on Amazon:

“This is a great TV set. The thing I love most is the quality of the sound. You do not need a sound bar. It’s a great modern TV with everything you expect. Picture is awesome too. It has voice control, press it and say open whatever app you love. It will open on the tv. Amazing.”

2: Insignia F30 Series TV

If you are looking for the best sound-quality TV, this model from Insignia gets you covered. It comes with a special DTS Sound Studio feature. Also, it offers a fantastic ultra-high-definition experience, making your 4K movies and TV shows look incredible.

Here is a customer review of Insignia F30 Series TV from Cameron on Amazon:

“Bought a 42″ tv back in 2015, and it was the old-school smart tv. Was wanting an upgrade so I could screencast and just wanted something with more advanced smart capabilities. I got this tv on sale, and I’m SO GLAD I waited to buy a tv until now because this thing rocks, especially for the price!”

3: Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 TV

You will enjoy the deep blacks, rich colors, and excellent contrast with the 720p picture quality of this TV. Also, it comes with the integrated Fire entertainment system by Amazon, which gives you access to a wide range of content.

Here is a review of Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 TV from Beth Warichak on Amazon:

“I love this tv. No need to have cable or any kind of streaming device. You can download the apps and use them.”

insignia tv review

FAQs (Who Manufactures Insignia TVs)

Who Makes Insignia TVs

Insignia TVs, particularly high-end models, are often attributed to the Chinese company Hisense.Some suggest a connection to the Chinese manufacturer that supplies Samsung electronics due to naming similarities and memory module usage. However, confirmation from Best Buy is lacking. Insignia Electronics is under the ownership of American retailer Best Buy, known for diverse product offerings globally.

Is Insignia A Samsung TV?

Insignia TVs are not Samsung products. It is a separate brand owned and distributed by Best Buy. However, they have similarities in model numbering and memory module usage, but Samsung’s plants do not manufacture any Insignia TVs.

Is Insignia Better Than TCL?

Insignia and TCL TVs are suitable for comparison, with each brand having its strengths, weaknesses, and target audience. The better choice completely depends on the individual needs and specific model features.

Is Insignia An LG Brand?

Insignia is not an LG brand. It is a separate brand that is owned and distributed by Best Buy.

Is Insignia TV An American Company?

Insignia is an American company owned by Best Buy, which is an American consumer electronics retailer. It is an American company that does not manufacture any of its products. Instead, they outsource their products from different countries with low labor costs.


In conclusion, Insignia TVs are not manufactured by LG, Samsung, or any other well-known TV brand. Instead, it is a separate brand owned and distributed by Best Buy, an American multinational consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota.

You may find a lot of similarities between Insignia TVs and Other brands of TVs. Still, it’s important to know that Insignia operates independently, offering unique features and specifications for its target audience.

I hope reading this article helped you make an informed decision in purchasing a new TV for your home. If you still have questions about Insignia TVs, you can ask in the comments section, and I will respond as soon as possible.

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